Providing potable water to one of the tribes:

Providing potable water to one of the tribes:

Feeding the school children:

Gathering the children for fun and games:

Laarni playing jump the stick with the children:

Laarni and our helpers feeding the children:

Children finding shade and enjoying a meal:

Children and adults enjoying a meal:

Scalp issues caused by lice; always an issue among children:

Dr. Mylynn is our most regular volunteer providing medical services:

Lupi is pastor and chief of one of the tribes. The tumor was removed and was benign:

Little Anne born with severe cleft pallet and lip. The scars are no longer visible:

Justin had meningocele on the back of his head:

This young man was fitted with a prosthetic leg:

Tribal member being checked for TB during medical mission:

Crossing the river to start the medical mission:

Tribal members waiting to see the doctor during medical mission:

Laarni loves to serve in the pharmacy:

Dental issues are many among the tribes:

Malnutrition is common in the tribes:

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